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September 7, 20205min1230

Sexual and Reproductive Health is an important part of people’s health. However, we often observe that this health issue is not openly and comprehensively discussed, which leads to some confusions and misunderstanding about it. withdrawal method is one of the many contraceptive methods that Cambodian people use but are not very effective. Many people think that applying this method will really help them not to get unintended pregnant. So, how the misconceptions and facts about this method are interpreted, please find out the following indication from professional institutions:

  1. Correct method use: Most people mistakenly believe that only the semen released during sexual intercourse can make a woman pregnant.

Fact: Men usually ejaculate during sex, but the sperm in the urethra can enter a woman’s body during sex and not reach orgasm. Sperm can easily travel into a woman’s uterus during intercourse. Therefore, experts recommend defecating and wiping the tip of a man’s penis before having sex using this method.

  1. Effectiveness: People who use this method believe that it can be effective in preventing unintended pregnancies.

Fact: The use of this method is considered to be a method with a high failure rate compared to other methods. This method is not encouraged by experts because it requires a high level of commitment and proper use during sex. It was found that 20 percent of women whose partners use withdrawal had a high rate of unintended pregnancies.

  1. Infection: Some people find that withdrawal method can help to protect from STIs infection.

Fact: Withdrawal method does not protect you from STIs. Bruises during sex or sores on the genitals can cause STIs and many other infections.

  1. Sexual desire and sexual pleasure: There are many beliefs that the practice of withdrawal can prevent unintended pregnancy, but it makes women lost sexual pleasure. And for men, that may be weak (sexual dysfunction) or loss of sexual desire.

Fact: It’s not true. The withdrawal method has nothing to do with the sexual pleasure of the woman. This method can only prevent women from getting pregnant (less effectively). Similarly, no research has confirmed that the use of withdrawal method will make men (infertile) impotence or decreased sexual desire.

Therefore, the withdrawal method can prevent women from getting unintended pregnancy, but it requires a high commitment and correct practice every time of having sex because there is a high failure rate that is not encouraged to practice.


Article by: Health.D Cam

Source:  International Plan Parenthood Federation (IPPF). 2018. “Myths and Facts about Withdrawal Method.

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