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October 16, 20202min230

What is stigma on mental illness?

Stigma occurs when someone looks at you in a negative way because they observe you with a character who is thought to be a strange person or a negative character. It is unfortunate that stigma against mental illness has become commonplace for many people. Stigma can lead to discrimination. Discrimination can be as obvious and direct as someone who causes a negative perception of your mental health condition or treatment. Or it may be unintentional or an attempt, such as someone trying to escape you because they assume you cannot control your emotions, which can cause violence or harm to others due to your mental illness. Sometimes you also look at yourself this way.

Harmful effects of stigmatization of mental illness include:

• Reluctance to seek help or treatment

• Lack of understanding and support from family, friends, colleagues or others

• Get fewer opportunities for work, study and social activities or house finding

• Suffered from threats, physical violence or other harassment

• Inadequate health insurance covers the treatment of patients with mental illness

• Believe that you will not succeed in facing this problem or that you will not be able to improve your situation.


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Source: Mayoclinic


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