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October 31, 20203min100

Prevent disease
“Apples contain a variety of anti-inflammatory chemicals,” says Kristin Kirkpatrick, a nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Many lifestyles are ruining your health, such as stress, lack of sleep or too much sitting, which creates free radicals.
Of course, an apple cannot prevent or cure, but taking more antioxidants into your diet will help support your body against diseases such as cancer.

Strengthen the immune system
In addition, apples contain vitamin C. “It’s not as much as orange juice, but vitamin C is important for immunity,” says Kirkpatrick. Because maintaining a healthy immune system is something that everyone always thinks about, especially when it comes to winter or preventing the flu. So, vitamin C can help.
Supporting blood sugar, heart and gut health
By now we know that apples are an interesting fruit because they contain fiber. Kirkpatrick explains: This is a combination of soluble fiber (from the peel) and non-soluble fiber (from the pectin in apples). Fiber generally slows down metabolism to help balance blood sugar. According to a June 2015 study in the journal Nutrition: Insoluble fiber can promote regular bowel movements, while pectin promotes cardiovascular and gut health.

Helps in losing weight
“Apples have two benefits for weight loss: they are low in calories (less than 100 per medium fruit) and 14 percent of the daily dietary fiber,” says Palme. In addition, it not only contains fiber to nourish your body, but you also need to spend time chewing apples. “The more you chew, the more time it takes to eat and it will make you eat more,” she says. “For best results, you should eat the whole apple rather than the slice,” she added.

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