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October 21, 20204min90

When to have sex to get pregnant is a question that many spouses or partners always ask when they want to have children.

“Most pregnancies are the result of sexual intercourse less than two days before ovulation,” says Dr. Manglani. But you can get pregnant sooner or later. “Sperm can live in a woman’s cervical mucus for up to five days, and an egg can live for up to 24 hours after ovulation,” she said.

“The best time to get pregnant is usually from 12 to 16 days before menstruation,” says Dr. Edward Marut, a reproductive specialist at the Center for Reproductive Health in Illinois. “The most precise time is when ovulation occurs,” says Dr. Manglani, because every woman’s menstrual cycle is different. Many women think they ovulate on the 14th of their menstrual cycle. But that’s a rumor, most are not.You can try some ways to monitor during your ovulation: 

1. Monitor your basal body temperature: It is your temperature when you wake up in the morning. When you ovulate, the temperature rises slightly and continues until the next menstrual cycle. To monitor, you need a thermometer that measures small changes in body temperature. You can find it in stores and supermarkets. Record your temperature when you wake up every morning. Notice the first day it rises. “Once you determine the day you ovulate, you can predict that ovulation will occur or close to the next ovulation day in the next menstrual cycle,” says Dr. Manglani. Doing so, you will know when to have sex to get pregnant after ovulation.

2. Ovulation test: It is a piece of paper that you dip into your urine. A few minutes later a line will appear. Depending on how dark it is, you will know that you are about to ovulate. This means that the darker the pad, the closer you are to the day of ovulation.

3. Fertility control: Fertility monitoring involves the use of urine test strips and digital monitors to measure LH and estrogen levels. This will show you your peak days and the next few days you may be pregnant, and it also contains information that you can follow in the next menstrual cycle.



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