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November 28, 20202min440

You will get the most health benefits and protection from disease if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Council for Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) recommend that adults eat at least five vegetables and two fruits a day.

Generally, foods of similar color have similar protective components. Try to eat colorful fruits and vegetables every day to get the full health benefits. Example:

Red foods: such as tomatoes and watermelon. These contain lycopene, which is considered important in the fight against prostate cancer and heart disease.

Greens foods: such as kale and kale. These contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect against age-related eye diseases.

Blue and purple foods: such as berries and eggplant. These fruits contain anthocyanins that can help protect the body from cancer.

White foods: Like cauliflower, these vegetables contain sulforaphane and can also help protect against some cancers.


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