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Breast cancer is caused by abnormal cells that grow and become uncontrollable. These cells can also travel to places in the body where they are not found. When this happens, the cancer is called metastatic.

Who can get breast cancer?
Men can also get breast cancer, but they make up less than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases. In women, breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer after skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer.

On average, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. About two-thirds of women with breast cancer are over 55 years old. The rest, mostly women between the ages of 35 and 54 were diagnosed with the disease.

Fortunately, breast cancer can be cured if you find it sooner and seek treatment. Localized cancer (meaning it does not spread outside the breast) is usually treatable before it spreads.
As the cancer begins to spread, treatment becomes more complicated. It can often take years of treatment.

Causes of breast cancer and risk factors
Experts cannot determine exactly what causes breast cancer, but there are some factors that make you more susceptible to the disease, such as: age, genetic factors, personal health history and diet, which are all contribute to the disease.

Symptoms of breast cancer
Breast cancer symptoms include:
• A lump or thickened area in or near your breast or underarm that lasts through your period
• A mass or lump, even if it feels as small as a pea
• A change in your breast’s size, shape, or curve
• Nipple discharge that can be bloody or clear
• Changes in the skin of your breast or your nipple. It could be dimpled, puckered, scaly, or inflamed.
• Red skin on your breast or nipple
• Changes in the shape or position of your nipple
• An area that’s different from any other area on either breast
• A hard, marble-sized spot under your skin

Breast Cancer Treatment
If a test is found for breast cancer, your doctor will develop a treatment plan that will reduce the recurrence of the disease and reduce the chances of it spreading outside the breast. Treatment is usually done within two or three weeks after diagnosis.
Treatment will depend on the size and location of the tumor as a result of laboratory tests on the cancer cells and the stage of the disease.
Talk to a specialist doctor as soon as possible if you find any of the symptoms of breast cancer mentioned above.

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