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December 17, 20203min460

When eaten in moderation, bananas are considered one of the healthiest foods, but they can also be eaten in excess. An appropriate number of bananas to eat per day varies from person to person. It’s just likes anything else; some people may need high amounts of minerals and vitamins while others need small amounts.

Most health experts recommended to not eating bananas more than twice a day. This amount is not only base on the risk of eating too many bananas, but also on the recommended daily fruit intake. The diversity of fruits is also important when it comes to good nutrition. So, make sure you eat other fruits as well.

Eating too many bananas can cause headaches, sleepiness, tooth decay, and high blood pressure (too much potassium in the blood) and, in severe cases, nerve damage. Here are some possible health effects:

Bananas contain amino acids that make blood vessels, and when they are formed, they can cause headaches. The more bananas you eat, the more amino acids you have.

Tryptophan is a substance found in turkeys that gives you a feeling of sleepiness after a meal. Each banana contains the same ingredients, so when eaten in large quantities it can have the same effect.

Tooth decay
Sugar causes tooth decay and bananas contain sugar. So, if you eat too much and do not maintain good oral hygiene, you will have dental problems.

High blood pressure
Diabetes is a term used to describe the higher-than-normal levels of potassium in your body. Bananas contain potassium, so eating too much bananas can cause this problem, which causes nausea, slow pulse and irregular heartbeat.

Hence, what you should do to get real benefits from bananas or other kinds of fruits is to ensure that you eat in an appropriate number as recommended by health experts.

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