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November 4, 20206min250

We know that exercise keeps you in shape and in good feeling. So, can exercise on your face have a similar effect?
It can have an effect that that is what yoga is all about, and it is claimed to be effective in lifting the skin without the need for surgery, acupuncture, or expensive skin care products.

What is Facial Yoga?
The first thing is that facial yoga is not related to Shavasana or Downward-Facing Dog exercises that you have ever done and heard about exercises that move the muscles. Facial yoga is the movement of your face on a certain part, like yoga for your body. This will make your face look fresh, youthful and repair damaged areas.

Benefits of Facial Yoga
Facial yoga helps against various effects and help to:
• Reduce stress
•Strengthens facial muscles to enlarge eyes, cheeks and jaw
•Increases blood circulation and blood flow to the skin, leaving the skin glowing
• Smooth face and eliminate wrinkles
•Resist the effects of severe skin damage
• Reduce scars

5 facial yoga exercises that can be tried at home:
1. Lift the cheek: Open your mouth and make it an O sharp. Place your upper lip on the teeth and smile to lift the cheek muscles. Place your index finger lightly above your cheek muscles under the eyes. Stretch the cheek muscles to contract them. Then smile again, thinking about pushing the muscles up. Repeat by lifting and lowering the cheeks 10 times. On the 10th, lift your cheek muscles as high as you can and hold them for 20 seconds. Do these three more times.

2. Make your cheeks smile: Smile without showing your teeth and move your lips out as if trying to show your lips as much as possible. Try to smile by focusing on your lips. Press your index finger to one corner of your mouth and slide your finger up your cheek and into the muscle. Lift the muscles up the cheeks toward the corners of your eyes. When you put your finger on the top of your cheek, you hold it for 20 seconds, then your cheek muscles feel tight. Do these three more times.

3. Raise the eyebrows: Press three fingers under each eyebrow to force your eyes open. Smile as you try to lower your eyebrows against your fingers. Hold it, then close your eyes and rotate your ball eyes toward the top of your head. Hold for 20 seconds and keep smiling. Stop and do it three more times.

4. Jaw and neck firmer: Open your mouth and make a “ah” sound. Insert the lower lip and the corner of the lip into your mouth and hold as you extend your lower jaw forward. Slowly raise your lower jaw as you close your mouth, pull your chin up about 2.5 cm each time you contract and tilt your head back. Open and close your lower jaw 10 times. Do it three more times.

5. Temple developer: Press your fingertips into your temple area as you close your jaw, narrow your teeth together and tilt your chin. Clench your teeth and focus on the eyelid area, thinking about trying to bring your ears back. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then clench your back teeth and hold for 10 seconds. Your temple muscles should flex and clench from time to time. Take a break and do it three more times.

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