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September 1, 20204min450

The spread of COVID-19 has pushed the world, as well as Cambodia, to change the way people live, work and do business. Homes and schools are also closed, forcing parents to spend time helping their children change their schooling habits to online.

Online learning for young children really needs attention and follow-up to ensure that they can access the content of the lessons taught by teachers. Therefore, at this stage, parents play an important role in motivating their children, both in terms of scheduling and school work.Researchers from the University of Oxford conducted a study on parents’ response to the current situation. The study found that the most common source of stress when people are staying home is work-related, and parents’ concerns about their children’s well-being, including the impact of school closures.In addition, nearly half of parents and caregivers of their children surveyed said their children were worried about family and friends infected with the virus, and about one third said their children missed school and their peers.  In addition, parents also reported the stress they experienced while working outside the home.

Here are some important things parents should do to keep their children healthy at this difficult time:

  • Get into the habit of doing what you can or create new habits, especially if you have to stay home
  • Explain or discuss new infections with your children in age-appropriate language
  • Support and encourage your children to learn at home and give them some time to play
  • Help your child find positive ways to express their feelings of fear and anxiety. Sometimes, you can encourage them to engage in creative activities such as drawing and painting
  • Help children stay in touch with friends and family by phone and internet
  • Help your children to do something creative, such as drawing, writing poetry, building something, learning to bake, sing or dance and play in the garden
  • Try and ensure that your children do not spend more time than usual on video games

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