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November 5, 20205min260

Unlike lean fish, which are light in color or white in color and taste light, both tuna and salmon are black in color and taste good.

Tuna is a large muscular fish with intense pink and red flesh, depending on the variety of fish. Its color comes from Myoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein found in muscle. Myoglobin breaks down quickly when heated. So cooked tuna and canned fish look grayer than raw tuna.

If you buy canned tuna, you will get a variety of fish such as: yellowfin, skipjack and tongol. Raw and boneless tuna bread can be used in sushi or cooking by adding bichen, olive oil, salt, pepper or other herbs before cooking to get more flavor. Because the fish is low in fat, it is cooked at a moderate temperature (125 degrees Celsius or 52 degrees Celsius) to retain moisture. Overcooked tuna can be dry and tasteless.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that all seafood be cooked to a body temperature of 63 degrees Celsius to prevent any disease in raw foods. Canned tuna is always thoroughly cooked. It’s not as tasty as fresh tuna, but it’s easy to cook. For example, it is easy to add protein to salads and popular sandwiches.

The salmon’s color is pink and dark orange. This is the benefit of its diet, which contains the nutrients found in small fish.

Common species of natural salmon include Coho, Chinook, and Sockeye, all of which live in the Pacific Ocean. If you buy Atlantic salmon instead, it is always a farmed fish. It varies in taste, but salmon is generally described as flavor and oilier than tuna.

Similar to tuna, you can enjoy raw salmon in sushi or Hawaiian soup, or cook it if you like. When cooked, it tastes tastier and easier than tuna. It also contains more fat than tuna, which can keep it moist even after cooking to high temperatures. Therefore, it provides convenience for cooking such as grilling, roasting, baking, or poaching.

Canned salmon is also available, like canned tuna. It is easy and an addition in salads. You can also try combining it with bread, spices and eggs to make a salmon dish.

Tuna and salmon have reddish flesh, which is firm texture and stronger than many other types of fish. Both types of fish are commonly used in sushi, but also delicious when cooked.

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