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October 28, 20203min200

Fever in infants can be one of the most alarming signs for parents. Especially when the fever is high in infants who are just a few weeks old. Here are some common causes of fever and what to do when your baby has a fever:

What causes a baby to have a fever?
Fever is not a disease. It is considered a symptom. Fever usually means the body is fighting the disease and the immune system is functioning. If your child has a fever, in most cases it means he may have contracted the flu or other infectious disease.
Other causes of fever in infants include:
• Allergies to vaccines
• Extreme heat from dressing too hot or spending too much time outdoors on a hot day

What are signs of a fever?
• Insomnia
• Inedible
• Lack of interest in playing
• Inactive and exhausted
• Seizures

What temperature of getting a fever?
The baby’s normal temperature can range from 36 to 38 Degrees Celsius. Most doctors consider a temperature of 38 Degrees Celsius or higher to be a fever.

When should you take your child to the hospital?
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you should take your child to the doctor if your child:
• Less than 3 months old and has a fever. Babies less than 2 months old and have a fever are
• Considered urgent. Therefore, treatment should be sought immediately
• Feeling tired or neglected
• Having trouble breathing or eating
• Stuttering or difficulty staying still
• Skin rash

It is difficult for doctors to tell if a newborn has a common virus (such as the flu) or a more serious infection (such as smallpox, pneumonia, or meningitis). For this reason, doctors will sometimes order special tests (such as blood or urine tests, chest x-rays, or spinal trachea) to determine the cause of the baby’s fever.



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