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November 25, 20207min290

I don’t know anyone who loves their job all the time. There are always parts of the job that feel boring. But how do you know when your work is not only stressful but actually has a detrimental effect on your life?

A toxic work has many causes, such as: they can be overly stressful. It can be a time when customers demand a lot in a restaurant or maybe a boss or co-worker. If you are really unhappy at work, look for the following signs that work can actually have a detrimental effect on your mental health.

1. It is difficult to feel positive at work
You experienced joy and relief from work, but those feelings are not found when you go to work. On the other hand, you often feel uncomfortable or emotionally tired. Sometimes your colleagues encourage you, but you can only smile a little.

2. Spend the whole weekend after working days
Your mental health declines throughout the week. By Tuesday you are tired and not do it until Friday. When the weekend comes, you almost look forward to it because you are tired.

3. You are stressed and irritable on Sunday night
On Friday and Saturday nights you can take work out of your mind, but on Sundays you cannot deny that work is coming. It’s hard to communicate with the people around you and you do not enjoy the last days of your weekend as you hated Monday mornings.

4. Retirement dreamers
You dream about taking a permanent break from work. You may also start planning for retirement or thinking of ways to become rich so you don’t have to work anymore.

5. Your sleep is getting worse on weekdays
Work that you don’t love can completely ruin your sleep. Some people feel troubled on the working days (usually Monday through Friday night).

6. You often physically sick
Countless studies have shown the effects of chronic stress on the immune system. If you are polluted by an unhealthy work environment, you will feel that it not only affects the mind and spirit, but it also affects your body.

7. You take a lot of personal holidays
Even when you do not have a physical illness, you can still choose to stay home as often as possible. Some days you wake up and think you do not want to go to work.

8. You don’t like people at work
This may be a sign that your job is not good for you, meaning that it is changing your life in a way that you do not like. You may find yourself isolated and bitter. It can even make your family time at home to be an upset moment.

If these signs are something you are experiencing, think carefully about your future for this job. Is there any way to change jobs? Or could it be a time to change a job? Talk about it with someone you trust and be aware of those you approach, especially those who are involved in your decisions. Example: Colleagues who don’t want you to leave are more likely to give you biased feedback.

Finally, it’s important to note that even though your workplace is good, it can have a negative effect on your mental health if you don’t like it. For instance, maybe your current job does not allow you to show your creativity or you have an entrepreneurial spirit and don’t want to work 5/9 job. No matter how acceptable your colleagues are or how good the work environment is, it is not healthy for you if the job isn’t right for you.

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