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October 20, 20204min100

Wisdom teeth’s complication is a common problem for everyone. This tooth often causes some pain and annoyance that sometimes we have a hard time deciding whether to keep it or remove it.
Dr. Rafetto says it is important to check up teeth in adolescence. Dentists and oral surgeons can determine if the tooth will be usable or likely to cause problems in the future. If there is a suspicion, it is better to remove the tooth before there is a problem or symptoms of tooth decay that cannot be treated. If you decide to have it removed, Dr. Rafetto advises not to wait too long. He says surgery is usually not complicated for young people because the warts are not strong and are generally easy to heal.
“No symptoms” does not mean “no disease,” says Dr. Dodson and Rafetto. They say it can develop into a toothache before you feel any pain or other symptoms.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has a different opinion. Experts say the possibility of future problems is not a valid reason to remove asymptomatic molars, meaning it does not cause symptoms. APHA issued a policy statement in 2008 arguing that so-called ” prophylactic removal” was not necessary to spend billions on health care and put people at risk of the consequences of surgery.

What are the risks of wisdom teeth surgery? As with any surgery, infections can occur and there are risks associated with anesthesia. Dr. Dodson says it may cause minor nerve damage, but it is a temporary problem. He added: “Immediately after the surgery you will feel pain and swelling, but the surgeon will prescribe a strong painkiller if you need to.

So, to manage your wisdom teeth is your decision. Although it is more serious to consider expensive surgery, it may be a good option for dental health. A thorough discussion with your dentist and a review of all your options is the first step in making the right choice.

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