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November 12, 20205min150

The outbreak of Covid-19 still continues. Are we ready to challenge this difficult situation? “You have to consider about mental health with the risks of Covid-19,” says Dr. Glatt.

Clean your hands regularly
Fortunately, the risk of Covid-19 from touching or eating any food is very low. “The enzymes in our stomachs kill germs,” explains Dr. Kullar. In contrast, the virus is spread mostly through droplets that enter the airways when someone coughs, sneezes or talks. In case you can be infected with the virus by touching food or food packaging that someone has made droplets, then touching your face is not considered an important means of transmission.

However, it is good to wash your hands often when eating out. If you are at a restaurant, Dr. Kullar recommends placing a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table and using it regularly, especially, after touching menus or other ingredients.

Eat outside as much as possible
For months, experts have said that eating out, whether at a restaurant or in the backyard, poses less risk than eating indoors. That is because the virus-carrying particles disappear into the atmosphere faster.

Keep social distancing both outside and inside
If you are thinking of going out to eat with your family members, please call the restaurant in advance to make a reservation and ask about the hygiene and social distancing guideline that the restaurant has implemented. If the restaurant is too crowded, stay away from it.
“If you live with other people, most of whom stay at home and keep a social distance, it makes sense to eat with them,” Glatt said. But if someone is working in a busy office or taking their children to school, the risk of infection from them is high.

Wear a mask when you are not eating
At a restaurant, you always take off your mask while taking a seat, but it is not a smart choice because you are sitting among many other people in a room that can carry disease. “I always wear my mask until I eat,” says Kullar. In addition, she advises you to wear a mask again whenever a servant come as there is no social distance at that time.

To reduce the risk of Covid-19, open a window
Try to open the window where you sit in the restaurant to change the bad air and reduce the atmosphere that can carry contaminants.

Consider small group gatherings
If you want to schedule a meeting with one or two other people, such as eating or drinking coffee, Kullar suggests, “You should not attend too many gatherings, even outside the home.” For this, it is more difficult than maintaining a social distance in the crowd. And experts who study virus transmission say wind might spread particles beyond the norm, which is why you should keep a distance between them.

So, what we can do in this situation is to keep ourselves and those around us safe by following the precautionary measures recommended by professional institutions.

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