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October 19, 20203min270

When a bug bites you, you can spray or move away from it to protect your skin. But your baby needs your help to protect from those bug bites. Since you cannot use lotions and insecticides, the best way to protect your child from bug stings or bites is to avoid them in the first place.
Keep children indoors: Bug, especially mosquitoes, are most active in the early morning and late evening. Keep your child indoors during these times to reduce the risk of bug bites.
Organize your home: Make sure your windows and doors have screens to prevent flies or bug movement.
Wear close-fitting clothes: Dress your baby close-ups, such as pants and long, loose-fitting shirts. So bugs will not bite easily
• Wear socks
• Wear a hat
• Do not display paintings with brightly colored flowers as they attract bugs.

Protect with net cover: Use a mesh net placed on the stroller when you take your baby outside
• Eliminate drains
• Look around your home for water sources, such as planers, birdbath and wading pool
• Drill holes in the tires or other pots to prevent water from seeping in. Change your pet’s water bowl regularly.

Avoid the scents
Many bugs like perfumes, hair sprays, and scented soaps. Use fragrance-free products for your baby (and yourself when you are with your baby). So, they are less attracted to bugs.
Avoid bug hangout
Flower gardens, trash cans, piles of dead leaves and bushes are popular places for bugs.

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Source: WEBMD

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