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November 23, 20205min340

Preparing a daily diet is a necessary and important duty of parents to pay attention. Dieting base on your preferences and bad habits can affect your children’s health. Here are some diet tips that can help you to develop healthy eating habits in your family.

Tip number 1: Store healthy food at home
Create an environment where your children make healthy food choices without being forced.

Store healthy food in the kitchen:
If you do not want your children to eat junk food, do not buy it. Substitute fast snacks such as sweets with fruits, mixed vegetables and milk. “If you believe your children are eating healthy at home, you do not have to worry about treating health problems when they are eating unhealthy foods outside,” says Amanda Rauf, a child psychiatrist who specializes in weight loss.

Prepare snacks:
After shopping, you usually take a few minutes to prepare a snack. Separate different foods and store in the refrigerator to eat when hungry.

Cook dinner at home:
Start by planning to make one more meal per week. Then it will become part of your routine. Please do it again and again. And let your child help. Dr. Molly Lux, a pediatrician at Seattle Children’s Hospital, says they may be more excited about healthy eating if they play a role in food planning and preparation.

Get everyone involved, including adults:
If you want your baby to eat healthy, you must also plan your diet. That means there is no concealment of unhealthy food for parents. If parents do not have the patience to eat healthy in front of their children, Rauf advises them to eat outside.

Tip number 2: Get your child involved
Trying to force a healthy diet for a child can be an effort. Start with cooking in your kitchen. Kids are usually excited to watch the cooking and it can help them to get a little more familiar with the various spices. Try turning off your TV, phone, and connecting with each other during meals. When you eat with your family, you eat slowly because you are talking. It can give you time to notice that you are full before you eat too much.

Tip number 3: Make healthy eating a positive feeling
Your children need to see healthy eating as a good thing, so think about how you talk about it. Do not call it a diet. “I tell parents to discuss healthy eating as a way to stimulate physical growth and feeling good. “It is more effective than saying that a healthy diet helps you lose weight.”, says Dr. Muth.

The health expert says: Guide your children in the same way. Do not let thin children eat anything that their brother cannot eat. “Everyone in the family should benefit from the same diet,” added Dr.Muth.


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Source: WED MD

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