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September 12, 20206min1510

Masturbation is generally good for your health. It can reduce stress, help you sleep better and make you feel confident in understanding what you do and what you do not like about sex. In addition, there is less chance of unintended pregnancy and HIV and STIs compared to having sex with one or more partners. In the current state of COVID-19, this is an important thing to remember.

Masturbation is a safe and common method. It is an act of self-care and helps you to understand and build confidence in your sexuality. It is your body and no one should make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about showing love. Remind yourself that it is good for your health, it is normal and most people do it too.

Find your rhythm and take your time

Use your hands to touch around the penis. Find the movement that is right for you, experimenting gradually until you feel pleasure and orgasm. The tip of the penis and testicles are also point of pleasure. So, try to enjoy it. You should spend some times during masturbation. Listen to your body’s needs and be happy to find what works for you. And keep in mind that preference can change over time, so if the movement you used to do is no longer enjoyable, try something new.

Lube it up

The friction of your hands directly on your penis can cause your penis to become erect. Moving up and down is important and enjoyable for many sexual activities, both masturbation and intercourse, until it reduces friction and can feel great. Some people use body lotion to masturbate. We recommend using a moisturizing lotion to avoid irritation.

Explore your pleasure spots

Masturbation does not need to focus only on the penis or testicles. There are many other points, including playing with the nipple, prostate gland (located inside), the stimulated area and many other places. So, finding out about yourself will be able to surprise yourself with the key points you have discovered.

Incorporate sex toys

Using a sex toy when you masturbate can add to your pleasure. You can try a traditional vibrator by using it on the penis or testicles, or you can use it as a mast for masturbation.

And do not forget that the prostate is a place that is stimulated through the genitals in the area between the penis and anus. There are many sex aids to choose from if you are interested in using them.

Talk about it

To eliminate the stigma surrounding masturbation, we need to talk about it. The more we discuss this, the sooner we can eliminate misconceptions. Talking to your friends can help build confidence and create a safe place for you to talk and ask questions about masturbation. Talking to your sexual partner or partner about what you like, what you dislike and want each other can help to increase your sexual confidence and lead to better sex.


Article by: Health.D Cam

 Source: International Plan Parenthood Federation (IPPF)




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