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October 2, 20204min250

Emotional meltdown is common and can occur in individuals. But certain situations increase the likelihood of meltdown for many people as following:
Are you overtired?
Too little sleep, especially when it occurs overnight, can impair your ability to control emotions, headaches, dizziness and reduce your ability to respond to stress.

Do you always leave yourself hungry?
Even if you eat enough calories, overeating after a long day can lead to low blood sugar levels, which can lead to a lack of concentration and reduced ability to manage stress.

Are you always taking on?
Taking on too many responsibilities at a time or agreeing to participate in too many social activities can be emotionally draining.

Are you in a life-changing stage?
Acquiring or losing a job, starting or ending a relationship, relocating, getting married, having children, graduating from college and life-changing and many other common things that make you vulnerable to emotional trauma.

Do you allow stress in relationships to increase?
The closer the relationship, the more important it is to deal with differences when they occur. Making more and more conflicts will make you more stressed, not less. If you are experiencing an emotional meltdown, think about why you feel this way or forget about it. Some problems can be easily solved, such as making sure you eat on time. And other problems may require a lot of work to solve it, such as trying to learn better communication skills.

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