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1. What is hepatitis C?
Is an inflammation of the liver caused by the virus hepatitis C. Many people with hepatitis C are not realize they’re infected. They may have some symptoms if they have significant liver damage after getting infected for many years.

2. Symptoms of hepatitis C
Most of the patients doesn’t shown any symptoms unless they have significant liver damage, fatigue, blood vomiting, yellow discoloration of the body, legs swallowing, or ascites.

3. Cause of hepatitis C
Hepatitis C is caused by infection of virus hepatitis C from bloodstream when having transfusion of infected blood, injected infected needle or tattooing, and unsafe dental procedure.

4. Complication of hepatitis C
When the infected patient doesn’t receive any treatment, it can cause significant complication, Cirrhosis and liver cancer.

5. Hepatitis C diagnosis
The only way to know the infection is to do a blood test.

6. Hepatitis C treatment
Hepatitis C can be treated with oral antiviral from 3 to 6 months, unless the patients have significant liver damage, they may need long-term follow up with doctor to prevent from early diagnosis of cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Article by: UM Sokchay MD. Specialist Gastroenterologist at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital and ICU Polyclinic
Source:  Gastroconsa

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