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October 7, 20203min121

The majority of liver patients are often fasting and eating an unhealthy diet that does not improve their health. On the contrary, it can worsen their health. Eating a proper diet can really help liver patients stay healthy, avoid the complications of liver disease, as well as help prevent it. The progression of liver disease to an advanced stage.

Who should be considered a liver patient?
You will be considered as liver patient if you have hepatitis (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.), fatty liver disease (Fatty liver disease), high alcohol consumption, chronic disease that requires a lot of medication and those who have cirrhosis, etc.

Diet for liver patients
Liver patients should eat a variety of foods that can provide all the nutrients they need, including: fiber foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.) foods that provide protein (meat, fish, chicken, beef), pork, soy, etc. Good fats (olive oil, fish oil, rich in omega-3s), foods rich in multivitamins (lemons, eggs, potatoes, carrots, avocados, broccoli, beans and brown rice, etc.).

Minerals and vitamin supplements
If you eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet, you will not need to take any extra vitamins or minerals. With the exception of some patients such as: cirrhosis, chronic alcoholism, older patients who require the supplementation of multivitamins, multivitamins, B1, B2, B6 and calcium.

Foods that should not be eaten
Patients with liver disease, especially patients with cirrhosis, should not eat foods that are too salty or consume too much salt, such as: canned food (prahok), snacks, canned food, etc. Patients with liver disease should not consume alcohol or may reduce alcohol intake to a minimum. Remember that alcohol is the liver’s first enemy.



Article by: MD. UM Sokchay Gastroenterologist, Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, Phnom Penh
Source: Nutrition in early liver disease, cirrhosis,

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