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October 20, 20204min112

In this age of fast-paced health care, it is sometimes difficult to know what is right and what is wrong that is made up in press conferences and online advertising. In short, it is vulnerable to believe in ways to get healthy without careful consideration. But if it’s really good, then it’s something we should get more information.

We talk about detox foot pad, which is often said to be a quick and easy way to get rid of toxins from your body through your foot. And this healthcare trend is gaining in popularity over the last decade.

What happens to your body when you use detox foot pads?
“There is no evidence of the body’s response to the detoxification panel,” said Dr. Debra Rose Wilson, a professor and general health care expert. Most claims about this type of product include the removal of toxins and fats from the body. In fact, it is not possible. “There is a lot of false advertising, including: its effectiveness in treating depression, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis and so much more,” she added.

According to Dr. Dena Westphalen, there are no published scientific studies showing what happens to the body when you use detox foot pad. The idea behind the production of detox foot pads is that toxins are removed from the body by applying certain ingredients to the soles of the feet. Footwear can contain herbal ingredients and minerals, and often contains vinegar.

Is foot pads really work? And why?
Dr. Rubra Rose Wilson says that rubbing and soaking your feet is a great way to relax and provide some relief from tiering and sore feet as part of self-care. But she says quality research has not found any benefit in “detoxifying” your feet. Therefore, this foot massage is not effective.

“I believe that detoxification foot pads are not as harmful, but they are also a placebo effect,” said Dr. Dena Westphalen. He explained that a person’s feet are full of pores, just like the face. When we put a bandage around the area at night, it will make the feet sweat, and the acid in the soles of the feet will make you sweat more. I do not believe that this foot pad is effective in neutralizing toxins in the body.
Therefore, before choosing any product to use, you should consider the function, quality and use and its effectiveness to avoid unnecessary bill.



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