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December 9, 20202min480

COVID-19 is still exist, dealing with stress is a must for everyone. Dr. LeMonda provides some specific coping skills that we can use in ways to reduce the stress associated with living during the crisis.

• Practice self-awareness: Ask yourself if I am healthy or not? This can be difficult because sometimes we can not judge well on your health status, but it is important to reflect on how you manage your daily stress.

• Be good to yourself: If you have a bad day, it’s okay. Try to focus on some ways to improve the next day, rather than thinking about negative things.

• Plan what will make you enjoy: Even if some of your leisure activities are modified in a new way, you can still organize parties, vacations, small outdoor gatherings and/or exercise at home.

Dr. LeMonda added: “It is important to give yourself some times, especially if you are a parent to maintain a good daily routine, which includes exercise and adequate sleep.
Finally, she suggested: “Seek help from others and you will know you are not alone.”

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