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There are many questions and debates about how many calories a person should eat to maintain a healthy body. This article will provide some explanations and tips you may need to know. What are calories? Calories are a unit of energy. Calories are usually used to measure the energy content of food and drink. To […]

When eaten in moderation, bananas are considered one of the healthiest foods, but they can also be eaten in excess. An appropriate number of bananas to eat per day varies from person to person. It’s just likes anything else; some people may need high amounts of minerals and vitamins while others need small amounts. Most […]

COVID-19 is a new disease that spreads rapidly from person to person through a close contact with an infected person. The disease is usually difficult to prevent and distinguish whether one is infected or not. In addition to hygiene practice and social isolation, we can further reduce the risk of infection by choosing a healthy […]

Eggs are a great food for kids. It contains good ingredients and quick preparation will help you get rid of problems when your child is hungry. Infant feeding guidelines recommend that you give solid foods to your baby at about 6 months of age. Sometimes parents are worried about giving their baby eggs for the […]

Banana shake is a popular drink made by mixing bananas with other ingredients. Many people like banana shake as an easy breakfast option, a quick snack, a snack for exercise or a strategy to help them lose weight. The benefits of banana shake Banana shake are often used as a convenient way to add calories […]

Your skin needs the right balance of nutrients to do its job, which is a barrier that protects your body from the outside. To help your skin look better and fresher, provide nutrients from the inside out. Healthy fats This is how your skin gets “glow”. Less fat in your diet can make your skin […]

Fruits and vegetables provide many health benefits. Carrots are a vegetable that is often used in combination with many foods which are less interested in its special benefits. Apart from being used in dishes, carrots are also used as a fruit juice, which provides many health benefits that you may not be aware of. 1. […]

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