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Can a child really be depressed? A child’s depression is different from the general depression called “blue” and the day-to-day emotions that occur as a child grows. Just because a child seems depressed does not mean that they are significantly depressed. If sadness becomes a habit that often disrupts or interferes with social activities, interests, […]

What is workaholism? The term “workaholism” was first used in 1971 by psychologist Wayne Oates, who defined it as a compulsion or uncontrollable need to work relentlessly. Since then, psychologists and mental health researchers have come to understand the definition of the term. Dr. Matt Glowiak, a licensed clinical consultant in Illinois, explains that “work […]

The pace and challenges of modern life make stress management a necessity for everyone. To manage your stress, you must first identify the root cause of your stress. What makes you feel angry, stressed, anxious or moody? Do you often have headaches or stomach aches for no apparent reason? Some stresses, such as work pressures, […]

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