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November 6, 20205min160

Any close contact (within 2 meters) with an infected person can cause you to be infected with COVID-19, whether or not you are sexually active.

The virus is transmitted through airborne droplets that are released when someone with the virus coughs, sneezes or talks. These droplets can be inhaled or stuck in the mouth or nose of someone nearby. Contact with a person’s saliva through kissing or other sexual activity can infect you. People with Covid-19 can diagnose the disease by injecting water into the skin and personal belongings. A sexual partner can become infected with the virus by touching these surfaces and then touching his mouth, nose or eyes. In addition, Covid-19 can be transmitted through contact with feces. It is possible that you could be infected with Covid-19 from sexual activity that puts you at risk for constipation.

There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through semen or semen, but the disease is found in the semen of people who have or are recovering from the virus. Further research is needed to determine whether COVID-19 can be sexually transmitted.

Since some people with Covid-19 have no symptoms, it is important to keep a distance between you and others if Covid-19 is prevalent in your community. This includes avoiding sexual contact with anyone who does not live with you. If you and your partner are unwell or think you may have Covid-19, do not kiss or have sex until you are both relieved to have doubts. Also, if you or your partner are at high risk for Covid-19 due to a pre-existing chronic illness, you may want to avoid sex.

The safest type of sexual activity during the Covid-19 epidemic is masturbation. Be sure to wash your hands and sex toy before and after masturbation. You can also consider having sex with your partner through text, images or videos using encrypted platform to protect your privacy. In addition to sex, there are other ways to establish or maintain intimacy with a distant partner. Share your favorite music, write letters to each other, or dress each other up. Be creative during this time.

If you have sex with someone outside of your family, consider these precautions to reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19:
• Avoid sexual partners with Covid-19 symptoms
• Avoid kissing
• Avoid sexual behaviors that carry the risk of oral infection or that involve semen or urine.
• Use a condom and mouth dental dams during oral and anal sex
• Wear a mask during sex
• Wash hands and shower before and after sex
• Clean sex toy before and after use
• Use soap or rubbing alcohol to clean your genital area

So, if you cannot avoid sex or don’t want to do masturbation during the Covid-19 epidemic, have sex carefully with the methods recommended above.

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