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December 14, 20202min740

There are some debates about whether or not to wear a bra to protect the sagging and other health issue. Here are some research papers suggested by experts.

Sports professor Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a 15-year study to assess whether bras could help prevent sagging. The study involved 330 women aged 15 to 35. Rouillon’s findings suggested that wearing a bra can weaken the chest muscles, thereby promoting sagging. Rouillon concluded that abnormal movements cause the chest muscles to work harder to lift the breasts.

Marco Klinger, head of plastic surgery operations at Humanitas Research Hospital in Italy, said the study was too small to confirm the number of sagging in the general population.
According to Klinger, there are many factors that can affect the breast, including:
• Aging
• Genes
• Weight change
• Normal hormonal phase
• Pregnancy

Overall, there is not enough scientific evidence to show that wearing a bra has an effect on sagging. However, for those with large breasts, supporting the connective tissue of the breast by wearing a bra can help reduce the rate of sagging.

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