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September 1, 20203min150

Computer games and electronic devices are considered to be the most entertaining and popular tool for young people. Many studies have been conducted to find out how addictive behaviors of games or other electronic devices affect physical and mental health. These studies are increasingly recognized by medical professionals. Studies have shown that addiction to games or electronic devices causes a number of side effects, such as: impaired physical function, mental stress, family relationships, social relationships, occupations, and other factors.

In recent years, with the rise of new game software and internet infrastructure, the rate of gaming and addiction has increased in almost every country in the world. According to a study in Southeast Asia on gaming behavior, an interesting result is that countries in the region have higher rates of gambling addiction than many other countries, such as Europe and the United States, and so on. More importantly, studies have also shown that gambling addiction behaviors are related to age and role. This means that college-aged teens and employed people are more likely to be addicted to games than children who are under guardianship due to restrictions on the use of cell phones and other electronic devices.

Therefore, those who like to play games for entertainment and parents with children addicted to games should consider in controlling the habits and behaviors of the game and the use of electronic devices properly and limited to avoid many complications that can affect to health in the future.


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