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February 17, 20213min310

Sex is one of the most important daily activities that promotes good relationships and many other health benefits. On the other hands, sex can also face some risks if you commit unsafe acts. How to make your sex safer?

Safer sex is known as safer sex when you have the lowest risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, herpes and syphilis. It can improve your sex life by improving the relationship and trust between you and your partner.
Even though it is called safer sex, there are still some risks. But it is safer to have unprotected sex. Safe sex is protected during sex, including:
• Oral sex with a condom, mouth guard or plastic mask
• Vaginal sex using a male or female condom
• Anal sex using a male or female condom

Safe sex means not letting your partner’s semen or vaginal fluids get into your vagina, anus, penis or mouth. It also means avoiding skin-to-skin contact with the genitals, as some STIs are spread through direct contact. Safe sex also means being careful if you have sores or bleeding gums. These can increase the risk of disease spread.

Everyone can get an STI. Young people who have more than one sexual partner, such as: lesbians and bisexuals, are at the highest risk. Sometimes you may not notice any symptoms. People can have different conditions depending on the type of disease. The only way to know for sure if you have an STI is to get tested.

Therefore, in order to have a safe and enjoyable sex, consider and choose any preventions that are appropriate and agreed upon between you and your sexual partner.

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