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October 23, 20206min140
  1. Rinse gently with cleansing water

Cleansing is important in using skin care products or cosmetics that you apply during the day, as well as natural oils, contaminants and bacteria that are trapped on the skin. On the other hand, it also helps your skin care products to penetrate the skin and work more effectively!

You may want to use a product to protect your skin and keep it resistant to moisture and other damages. Cleansing products with a high pH level, such as natural soaps, are not good and can make your skin more prone to inflammation and infections.

Another ingredient to avoid is sodium lauryl sulfate because it is not good. You also do not need to buy luxury products with active ingredients. Cleansing products do not stay on your skin for long. Those active ingredients are even more useful after, as when you apply the serum on the skin.

  1. Use natural or chemical cleaning products

As you age, your skin will diminish from its degenerate origins. Dead skin cells are not quickly replaced by new ones, meaning your skin begins to dull and become damaged. Using cleansing products is a great way to help get rid of dead skin cells from your skin.

  1. Use pad, don’t rub on anti-aging serum

Serum generally has a higher concentration of active ingredient than moisturizer. The best anti-aging compounds to look for are extracts from known vitamin A sources: Retinol, Tretinoin and tazarotene, and Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorby l phosphate). As well as increasing the amount of collagen in your skin, the serum also acts as a biological and environmental antioxidant stress, that causing aging.

  1. Apply sunscreen regularly

Sun protection is a way to help your skin look as young as possible. The sun has a lot to do with the aging of your skin.

Using sunscreen is not just for beach walks. You should use it every day. A sunscreen with SPF 30 can be used daily to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles by 20% in just 3 months. Researchers have suggested that because the skin can relax from being exposed to UV rays, it will have the ability to function effectively.

You can protect your skin from the sun in other ways as well. Wearing sunscreen such as long sleeves, hats and sunglasses and avoiding the sun in the middle of the day will help reduce exposure to UV rays that cause aging and cancer.

  1. Protect your skin from trauma

One of the main causes of wrinkles is due to damage to your skin, and as older skin becomes more fragile, the source of the scars can have a bigger effect. While there is little evidence of side effects from using skin care products, studies have found that touching your face with a pillow while sleeping can cause wrinkles. “Sleep wrinkles”.

  1. Take care of other parts of your body

In addition to your face, other important parts to expose your age are your neck, chest and arms. Make sure you do not neglect to take care of these parts. Protect them with sunscreen. That way, no one will ever know your true age.

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