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November 13, 20206min220

It may seem hard to believe, but there is a lot of truth behind the idea that happiness is an option. Although genetics and life circumstances play a role in your level of happiness, you can really control it a lot. Of course, it is not certain to grab your finger and decide to for happiness. But if you bring a sense of gratitude and even intimacy with your time, then you will be happier.

Try these 5 ways to increase your happiness:

1. Reconnect what makes you happy: From basketball to art classes, everyone has activities they used to enjoy. Maybe you are too busy or your body is getting old, distracting you from good habits or making you feel like you should stop doing these things. Aside from the reasons you give up, turn to those fun activities again. Reconnecting what you love to do is a simple way to increase your happiness.

2. Get in the zone: Have you ever been so involved in doing something that the time seems to be the same but your worries seem to be gone? This is called being in the zone. It is the feeling of being fully involved in the task at hand and it can increase your happiness. Playing a musical instrument or addicted to reading a good book is an example of how you can connect yourself to a flow.

3. Find something new in everyday life: Your brain is drawn to something new or a novel. When you are focused on something new, you will focus on the present that can inspire a happy mood. Connect your brain by discovering something new or seeing something in a new way. You do not have to go hiking for tens of miles or try a wall sport. Start with small things like lying on the grass and looking at the clouds. Although clouds and grass are not new, each cloud is different and changes over time.

4. Give yourself first: There are always things you should do, such as a daily to-do list, and it is endless. It is up to you to balance that. If you plan to work, plan to do something at least one day a week for yourself. Tell your family that this is a priority so you will not miss it when other jobs appear immediately.
5. Connect yourself with nature: Spending time with nature can reduce stress and increase feelings of strength, gratitude and empathy. The natural world reminds us that they are a small part of the planet and gives a great feeling. Nature acts as the giver and fixer of many complex things in life. It is one of the greatest resources for the happiness and joy of mankind.

Test principles:

1. Make a list of activities that you enjoyed but have abandoned in recent years. Pick one to repeat and spend at least two weeks doing it. See if this activity makes you happier, then consider taking the time to do it again.
2. Spend at least 10 minutes a day outside. Pay attention to the trees, grass, water, air or anything else around you.
3. Consider the things that made you both happy and unhappy in the past. Write it down and keep it as a principle to lead you to happiness.

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