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November 25, 20205min470

Relationships usually have good times and hard time when they are together. But if that relationship always makes you feel bad and loses self-esteem, then you are probably in a toxic relationship. The following five key points will help you to consider what kind of relationship is considered as toxic relationship.

1. Emotional abuse
The big difference between a difficult period and a toxic relationship is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a common theme in toxic relationships. It can be a time when your partner is always laughing or making fun of you or criticizing you. You can even blame yourself for this attack and think you deserve it, because emotional abuse makes you feel worthless.

2. Having a gaslighting
Do you find that you constantly ask yourself questions in a relationship? Being in a form of emotional abuse that makes you wonder about your true self. Example: You can tell colleagues that they have not yet weighed their weight for a project, but they may turn out to be you who did not.

3. Intermittent Reinforcement
You may find that your partner ignores you and makes you question your relationship and even your self-esteem. Then when you are about to give up the relationship immediately, they will show positive attention to you and you really feel good. You can tell yourself that things will get better from now on and find excuses to impair your partner’s past behavior, but then the bad behavior will return to normal.

4. Social isolation
Be aware of those who try to isolate you from society, criticize your family, try to distance yourself from your friends, or even try to keep you from thinking about the past that have not their presence. Defining your relationship with the outside world is one way they can control you.

5. Discouraging you from being yourself
When you have a good relationship with another person, they will love you as who you are. They encourage you to be yourself or help you get better. We can say that love is to help someone fully grow into the person they really want to be. On the contrary, a toxic relationship is like telling you that you are not good and that you have to act like someone else. This will cause you to lose confidence and low self-esteem.

If you know your personal relationship goes into the above, consider whether you should continue or end it. It is not easy to be in the toxic relationship. So be careful to ensure a good relationship.


Article by: Health.D Cam
Source: WED MED

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